Start-up behind erectile dysfunction website Roman launches health service for women

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The start-up behind Roman, the men’s health service known for its discretion in treating erectile dysfunction, is launching a new service aimed at treating a similarly delicate problem for women without having to go to the doctor’s office.

Rory said its treatment plans typically include supplements and prescriptions to help alleviate the symptoms, including Estradiol cream, melatonin and Latisse. Depression medications venlafaxine or paroxetine can be prescribed at physicians’ discretion. Treatments take two days to arrive in the mail and come in discreet packaging like Ro’s other products, the company said in announcing the program Wednesday. The service will be available in 47 states.

Rory is the New York-based start-up’s first foray into women’s health. Ro, previously called Roman, was co-founded by CEO Zachariah Reitano in 2017 and launched to treat erectile dysfunction. Since then, the health-care company has expanded its services to treat other embarrassing ailments for men, including hair loss and sexually transmitted diseases.

The company is backed by $91.1 million in funding from firms including FirstMark Capital, SignalFire, Initialized and General Catalyst. In September, the company said it raised $88 million of that in a series A funding.

The company said the new vertical boasts an all-female advisory board, including former Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders. It’s nicknamed after Aurora, the Roman goddess of dawn.

Last year, rival start-up Hims also launched a women’s service, which included sexual wellness, skin care and hair-loss treatments. Ro said it decided to instead tackle menopause in part because it saw it as an underserved market.

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